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Dev. team
Mar 29, 2021
In General Discussion Forum
We members of the above-named club, who have been unswervingly and wholly committed to the wellbeing of the state, are irresistibly compelled once again to react to that show of shame, perpetuated by some hooligans on the sacred ground of our revered Oba Palace. There is no other way to describe the Saturday, July 24, 2020 than a well-orchestrated plan to embarrass and humiliate our amiable governor Obaseki before his guests, which eventually turns out to be his electoral value. We are shocked and even more alarmed and taken back by the daringness of the act on the historical ground of the Benin Kingdom, which is the pride of Edo people by the hoodlums. As stakeholders in the collective interest of our dear state, we choose not to prevaricate around the dark cloud hovering around the political space in the state. Upon our discrete inquiry, we were able to confirm that, the unfortunate incident is born out of calumny and sponsored by those not happy with the peace and tranquillity enjoyed in the state for their personal aggrandisement and to settle personal scores. These people are prepared to sell their people into perpetual slavery as long as such an action fetch them patronages of the slave masters. Shockingly, the elders and the Enigies who it is incumbent upon to condemn unreservedly, the sacrilegious desecration of the royal ground, seemed tongue-tied, preferring instead to congregate at a location for the troublers of the state to come over to appease them. We are in pains and heart-bleeding, seeing our leaders, allowing certain individual(s) to robotically manipulate the collective destinies of the entire Edo people, to boost their dwindling political fortune. It is our considered opinion, for our elders, being the custodian of our cultural heritage, to avoid being dragged into the murky water of politics. It is, therefore, our informed reasoning that the good people of Edo state, have not given the right to either sack or impose any leader on the state, to any individual, as the power to choose the government of their choice, lies with the people, as that is the essence of true democracy. It is therefore on account of this, we call on politicians, sequel to the slippery Edo gubernatorial race, to play according to the rules and carry out issues-based campaign, while the youths, who have become tools in the hands of spinners, should not be a clog in the wheel of peace in the state. We also wish to express our deep concern over the apparent failure of the state security apparatus on the Palace ground catastrophic mayhem. It is no longer hidden that the security personnel on that fateful day, messed up and acted abominably and atrociously, for allowing the crisis to generate into a shooting spree. We, however, refuse to concede that the conspiratorially stained police and the flat-footedness of other security agencies in arresting the situation on time, was not the federal might, they promised to unleash on the peace-loving people of Edo state. The sponsors, regardless of their social status, influence, and standing in life and the perpetrators of that dastardly act must be apprehended and subjected to the full wrath of the laws, to serve as a deterrent to others. Conclusively, we call on whosoever let loose the self-styled lions and tigers on the state, to be courageous enough to tame them and possibly send them to their rightful abode, which is the Zoo, to avoid the full wrath of Edo people. After all, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Dev. team

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